InTempo • Cancellation policy and/or returns

Cancellation and/or refund policy

Terms and General Conditions of Refunds
Merchandise refunds will be accepted in accordance with the following processes and conditions:
  • Not having more than 03 calendar days of having received the merchandise purchased and selected by "THE CUSTOMER" at the indicated address.
  • Refunds are not accepted in damaged or incomplete packages, "THE CUSTOMER" will return the merchandise in its original packaging, the product box, manuals, warranty, bubble wrap and, if applicable, the original accessories that it includes, as well as, the intact film in the case of Custodia®.
  • Damaged merchandise will not be received due to improper use as specified in the manual.
  • Damaged merchandise will not be received if it was handled by unauthorized third parties.
  • For private projects, i.e. those that are not in our product catalog, there are NO REFUNDS.
  • If the reason for the change is due to an error in the product (model, color or measurements), please call (442) 228-36-17 / (442) 228-09-75 to coordinate the collection and the schedule delivery of the correct product without additional cost.
Steps to be followed for the return of the merchandise
  • Verify that the merchandise fulfill with the terms and conditions to return it.
  • Contact the company, it is important to have the order number and the cardholder name with the purchase was made (this information can be found in the email of your confirmation order) it is likely that we ask you photos of nonconformities found in the product.
  • A RETURN sheet will be generated and a nonconformity form will be filled.
  • If the return is approved, you will have to choose a form for the collection of the merchandise, we will send you a pre-filled guide of the courier company without cost and we can:
  • Schedule the collection of the sealed package and in excellent conditions at the address.
  • "THE CUSTOMER" may leave the package at the courier company's branch.
  • Depending on the way you have chosen to return the merchandise Sistemas InTempo constructivos S.A. de C.V. will have times and processes for “THE CUSTOMER” receive the refund either in kind or cash in accordance with the following.
  • In case of exchange, it will be sent to the original shipping address after receiving the item damaged or defective in our Return Center, depending on the availability of the product, without additional charge for “THE CUSTOMER”.
  • Upon the merchandise have been received at our Distribution Center, a review will be carried out to check that it is in optimal condition, if so, the merchandise will be reimbursed or replaced.
Additional information is provided.
  • It is important to consider that all the merchandise must be returned in its original packaging, the product box, the packaging, the bubble wrap and the film in the case of Custodia® as well as all its original accessories.
  • When the collection service is used and once the merchandise arrive at our Distribution Center, the product will be subjected to a review to ensure that it comply with all the necessary elements.
  • InTempo Sistemas constructivos S.A. de C.V. reserves the right to accept or reject the refund depending on the condition of the merchandise.
  • InTempo Sistemas constructivos S.A. de C.V. will not be responsible for the misuse that “THE CUSTOMER” makes to the products or for missing items/components when receiving the packaging, in these cases, InTempo Sistemas constructivos S.A. de C.V. will reject the return to the customer in the same condition in which it was received.
InTempo Sistemas Constructivos S.A. de C.V., declares to be a legally established corporation constituted under the laws of the United Mexican States, as stated in the Public Deed number 7,400, dated on October 5th, 2004, witnessed by Notary Public  No. 32 of the Santiago City of Querétaro, Qro, Virginia Ortíz Arana, who was registered in the Public Registry of Commerce of the State of Querétaro under the mercantile folio 30216 dated on October 20th, 2004.
Cancellation of the orders
  • Once the payment or transfer confirmation email is sent, our system starts the production and/or shipping process.
  • In case of requiring a full or partial cancellation , please call  to: (442) 228-36-17/(442) 228-09-75, it is important to have folio number of the order and the cardholder name with the purchase was made.
  • The refund will be made using the same payment method of your order and will be credited on 3 to 4 business days once confirmed acceptance of the cancellation. At the time of delivery, if you are not able to review the product and subsequently found defects in your product, it will be necessary to  call to our customer service (442) 228-36-17/(442) 228-09-75.
  • For private projects, i.e. those that are not in our product catalog, there is a penalty depending on the percentage of progress in the production of the product, for such cases it is necessary to communicate directly to (442) 228-36-17/(442) 228-09-75.