InTempo • Industrial and Commercial

Industrial and Commercial

InTempo Industrial and Commercial Construction Systems for concrete buildings, fast installation and long service life. With an apparent low maintenance, pest free PVC or traditional finish.



We solve construction projects for work spaces according to required space functionalities.



We develop architectonical projects for corporative, commercial or industrial purposes in a fraction of the required time by a traditional construction system.


Perimetral Walls

Our perimetral walls are a fast build alternative to delimit and keep areas with optional traditional finish adaptable to any architectonical style or manteinance free.


Construction Booths

We build construction booths for storage and material management, for better inventory control.


Training Classrooms

Industrialized construction centers and training classrooms, that offer appropriate evironment conditions for learning.



The modular construction toilets by InTempo work as a basic sanitary needs solution in any sector, such as commercial, industrial, gubernamental, public or quick emergency response. Constructed with highly resistant and lasting materials. Always considering accessibility as a priority.


Industrial Ships

We build highly resistant industrial ships with thermic and acoustic properties with traditional finish or PVC low maintenance. Our industrial use constructions shelters production and storage industrial goods along with workers, machinery, intern transportation, ins and outs, etcetera.


Industrial Roofing

InTempo's industrial roofing are the ideal replacement for aluminium, steel and polycarbonate roofs. Thanks to their thermic, acoustic properties, high aesthetic appearance and long service life.

Why should you choose Industrial and Commercial?


    The system they used for natural green walls is different from what we had previously seen, we are very happy with the results.

    - Maria José Rivera -

    We bought Súperteja roof tile sheets for the yard roof in our house. Excellent quality and the installation instructions were clear enough.

    - Jorge García -

    Custodia is easy to use for those of us who are not in the construction field, and it has an avant-garde finish.

    - Victor González -

    The Sales Team is always ready to answer any questions.

    - Andrea del Refugio -