What is Custodia?

Custodia is a modular structure system for concrete buildings, easy-to-install and highly durable, low maintenance PVC finish, and pest-free.

It consists in the assembly of a set of thermoplastic elements blended  in a mixture of polyvinyl chlorides (high resistance solid PVC).
These elements form a hollow wall structure, which is strengthened with horizontal and vertical structural elements and concrete.
Creating a solid, monolithic structure, which offers unmatched strength and a high-quality finish.
Custodia from InTempo, the smartest way to build.
60% faster than the traditional system and 30% more than other comparable systems. It does not require special coatings or finishes; however, you can use any type of finish or texture.
Our structures, besides being appealing to the eye and tact, prove resistant to:


winds, hurricanes and floods.

Highly resistant to fire

(UL 94).

High humidity weather
Outdoors and environmental factors.
The constructive system.
The system is suitable for any geographical location..
Custodia prevents the spread of pests, rust and mold, and is easy to clean (requires only soap and water). It does not contain toxic materials and its manipulation poses no risks to human health or the environment.
The panels and components of the modular construction system are structurally manufactured with solid PVC polymers through an advanced thermoplastic co-extrusion technology process, which enables us to achieve high precision parts.
Custodia is a practical and durable system, fast and easy to install, and ideal for the construction of all types of residential solutions.

It is fast to install
Easy and fast to install thermo-acoustic system.
Encapsulated concrete of high resistance polymer. Polymer-encapsulated concrete with high weather resistance.

Encapsulated concrete of high resistance polymer. Polymer-encapsulated concrete with high weather resistance.

Why should you choose Custodia?


    The system they used for natural green walls is different from what we had previously seen, we are very happy with the results.

    - Maria José Rivera -

    We bought Súperteja roof tile sheets for the yard roof in our house. Excellent quality and the installation instructions were clear enough.

    - Jorge García -

    Custodia is easy to use for those of us who are not in the construction field, and it has an avant-garde finish.

    - Victor González -

    The Sales Team is always ready to answer any questions.

    - Andrea del Refugio -