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How does radiation affect to our home?

Published: 28 de Jan, 2019

The greenhouse effect caused by the emission of gases, is a factor that significantly influences the climate change of the planet and thus the formation of "black holes" in the ozone layer that allow the passage of greater quantity of ultraviolet rays (UV)...

Greenway: from Grey to Green

Published: 28 de Jan, 2019

The awakening of Mexico City any day of the week, the majority of its citizens participate in a routine of survival: the displacement in the mega dependent on the cars. Between honking, engines, car-to-car shouts and, more recently, the occasional plant accents in the middle of the grey concrete sea.

Ceilings of hope: dignified housing for a better quality of life

Published: 28 de Jan, 2019

The ceilings of Hope Project, began on August 18 in the Community Altos de Las Torres, in the district of San Miguelito, Panama, to transform the life of 606 Panamanian families who for years have inhabited homes in precarious conditions, this sector being one of The most vulnerable in that community.

Auto Construction in Mexico

Published: 28 de Jan, 2019

In Mexico 6 million of families with income less than 5 minimum wages are a potential market; The shortage of homes for low-income people represents a niche business.

Materials: Application according to function

Published: 25 de Jan, 2019

The properties of the building materials determine their function in the architecture, not only the aesthetics govern when deciding whether a stone material is good for outdoors, the electrical properties of the materials, their resistance, or their porosity are Fundamental to decide whether or not they are fit for a particular project.

Keep the warmth of your home with these measures

Published: 25 de Jan, 2019

The thermal insulation has an important potential in the improvement of the energy efficiency and the saving of electrical energy of the buildings, so that with certain constructive systems it can save up to 60% of energy. In addition to contributing to significant economic savings and improving interior comfort, it helps to reduce up to 30% of carbon dioxide emissions.

Innovation: Breaking barriers in construction

Published: 25 de Jan, 2019

In recent years we have witnessed countless innovative projects in the construction sector. For the 2019, new trends are expected, not only in design, but in the application of technology that will continue to test the sector's entrepreneurs.

6 trends in renewable energies to follow closely in 2019

Published: 25 de Jan, 2019

The 2019 promises to be an exciting year for clean technology. An increasing number of countries, companies and regions are opting for a sustainable energy generation and the landscape evolves rapidly. Here are 6 renewable energy trends to see this year.

Dignifying School Spaces

Published: 03 de Nov, 2017

InTempo along with the "schools to a hundred" program ensure that children and school campuses in the public system have dignified spaces, where children and young people feel comfortable and perceive the value of the training they receive.

Casa Vila Matilde Archdaily BUILDING OF THE YEAR 2016

Published: 03 de Nov, 2017

This project, which was built in November 2015, is becoming viral, winner of the Archdaily building of the YEAR 2016 award, is shown as an affordable construction option with low cost materials.

What are the main advantages of prefabricated construction?

Published: 03 de Nov, 2017

The emergence of profabricated to revolutionized the construction since the mid-Twenties's (Twentieth century), its advantages have led to make constructions for projects of all kinds.

Fast, safe, simple: Constructive systems Intempo

Published: 11 de Aug, 2017

Up to 60% faster than the traditional system and 30% more than other similar systems. It does not require any coatings and special finishes, however, any type of finish or texture may be applied.