InTempo • Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens

Green walls of vertical modular structure with vegetation that includes its own drip irrigation system. Alternative agriculture, gardening and ornamentation.

The vertical gardens, green walls or living walls are an excellent way to incorporate nature into urban environments, not only by making spaces more aesthetics, but also with other purposes and benefits.
Our green walls are composed by a vertical modular structure with vegetation and includes its own drip irrigation system. Offering agriculture, gardening and ornate alternatives.


Vertical Orchard

The vertical orchards using Verte by InTempo allows sowing in reduced spaces, from germination to harvest, optimizing resources to the top, with technology that covers irrigation, water saving by humidity retention and a solid structure that can not be deformed with standard and innovative practices adapted only by the agricultor in small scales or backyard orchards in reduced spaces.


Green Walls

Our green walls versatility brings to life spaces with natural vertical gardens in hallways, hotels, offices, restaurants, schools, stores, industr, homes, etcetera. InTempo vertical gardens not only are pleasing to the eye and touch, but also contribute with environmental benefits like air filtration and for health, stress and mental fatigue reduction. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors, we offer solutions adapted to the project purpose according to the environment, space, orientation, available light and region.

Why should you choose Vertical Gardens?


    The system they used for natural green walls is different from what we had previously seen, we are very happy with the results.

    - Maria José Rivera -

    We bought Súperteja roof tile sheets for the yard roof in our house. Excellent quality and the installation instructions were clear enough.

    - Jorge García -

    Custodia is easy to use for those of us who are not in the construction field, and it has an avant-garde finish.

    - Victor González -

    The Sales Team is always ready to answer any questions.

    - Andrea del Refugio -